2022 Diwali Gift Hampers for all the family

2022 Diwali Gift Hampers for all the family

Diwali gifting for all the family this Diwali

Diwali is a celebration in the Indian calendar that celebrates the festival of light. This year Diwali is on the 24th October 2022. 

What to gift this Diwali to all the family & friends? 

This year we have have created unique gift boxes and hampers which are perfect to gift family and friends. When we were creating these we had in mind to create something extra special which would be a perfect gift to get everyone involved in the Diwali fun and traditions.

If anyone is feeling stuck this year as to what to gift your friends and family members this Diwali, you have no need to worry as we at Decorasian have curated some amazing gift hamper ideas for children and adults.

These unique gift boxes are perfect to gift the little ones to celebrate the festive season of Diwali and get involved in this year. 

Below are just some of our gift hampers that we truly believe all the family will love to receive for Diwali this year. Available to purchase online. 

Why not light up the house with these amazing candle holders and create a inviting fragrance to take you back and really get into the sprit of Diwali festivities.


If one of your traditions is to light up a candle at home or the temple - why not gift these small pyramid gift boxes to make Diwali extra special this year ! You could also add a celebration sweet or too to make it even special.

Decorasian have curated fantastic diwali gifting ranges this year from unique stand alone diwali gifts such as diffusers, candles to luxury diwali gift hampers. 

Make Diwali extra special and create your favourite beverages in these beautifully created steel painted glasses and let it take you back to tradition. 

Luxury Pre Curated Diwali Gift Hampers  



Happy Diwali from Decorasian and Team

“May this Diwali bring everyone so much joy, happiness and prosperity! 

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