Storage Solution in a Gift Box!

Storage Solution in a Gift Box!

Don't you think their is all ways  one room in everyone's house  which basically becomes an abandon room? We can say that we just seem to pass by and think.. ahh i'll  just dump this here and get back to it a later! 

Then one morning you think .. that's it..  for better or for worse i am getting this damn room sorted! Your happily delegate to your kids, "take this", "take that", "throw that", " take your things- put them away".. and THEN..  you have a realisation you  have nothing to store these wonderful things (which i must admit  we had thought we had seen the last of those items ...... opps ! I can say one good thing about de-cluttering is that,  you end up finding forever lost items, it can sometimes bring back wondering memories. 

Well that is why we have created the following collapsible storage  boxes- perfect as gift boxes or storage boxes. We currently have  three ranges, Kundan, Jasmine and Ruby and these come in four different sizes, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. 

These boxes are perfect to have in any part of your home such as your -

  • Office
  • Kids Rooms
  • Master Bedroom
  • Guest Room
  • Hall Way
  • Bathroom 
storage boxes

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