When is Karva chuath, happy karva chauth

What is Karva Chuath and when is it this year?

Karva Chauth is being observed on the 13th October 2022 this year, its a special festival for married women celebrated by Hindu women of Northern and Western India.

May this blessed day bring you so much joy and togetherness forever in all areas of your life.

The First Karva Chuath for Newly Married Bride.

It is an auspicious one-day festival celebrated annually by married Hindu women, in which they observe a fast from sunrise to moonrise and pray for the well-being and longevity of their husbands. Even engaged and soon to be married women often observe the fast.

Where is the Karva Chauth Fast Observed?

The first Karva Chauth is often a big event and bride will go back to her parental home. Her mother-in-law will accompany with the following gifts called the “Sargi”

  • Food to be eaten by bride (Coconut, mithai, fruit *pomegranate important, Phenia (vermicelli)
  • Outfit for the bride
  • Garment for the new groom (shirt or jumper as an example)
  • Red Bangles (Glass if possible)
  • Make Up- Lipstick & Nail Varnish
  • Mehndi
  • Red Ribbon
  • Gold Item of Jewellery
  • Sindoor

This would be given to the new bride the day before the fast.

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Happy Karva Chauth 2022


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Karva Chauth Day Ritual

Karva Chuath have many small rituals throughout the day, these are before sunrise and after sunset.

Before Sunrise Ritual

The bride will wake up before sunrise, shower and start on her meal, eating items that have been part of her sargi. Please note no meat should be consumed. The meal should be eaten before sunrise.


Once the fast has started, there should be no drinking or eating at all until around 4pm, in which the bride is allowed a drink offered by her mother in law (This can be tea or water)

Baya Mansana

This ritual takes place around 4.30pm and includes the gifts which the bride is gifting her mother-in-law.

  • ·Outfit (Plus item for father in law)
  • ·Nuts & Fruit

The ritual will involve the daughter in law passing water (with rice) around the gifts five times. She will then touch the mother in laws feet taking her blessings and gift her.

Later on that evening, the bride will go to a local mandhir where she will take an offering of fruit and mithai to the mandhir and listen to the “Katha” (Religious Story of Karva Chauth) by the priest.

Moonrise Ritual 

This is when the bride will open the fast standing in full view of the moon.

The bride will cover her head and have a garbi with water solution of sugar and rice.

She will then pour the water onto her hands 5 or 7 times reciting the following words


(Each time the water in her hand is brushed off with a collection of a grass bundle)

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Karva chuath gifting and rituals

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