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5 Leilani Sage Green Gift Bags with Matching Gift Envelope

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5 Leilani Sage Green Gift Bags with Matching Gift Envelope, gift packaging bundle set for gifting family and friends at weddings or other special occcassions like birthdays.

Presenting our exquisite Gift Packaging Bundle, designed to elevate your wedding and special occasion gifting. This luxurious collection includes elegant gift bags and sophisticated gift envelopes. Crafted with high-quality materials, the bags boast intricate designs and sturdy handles, while the envelopes feature eye-catching patterns and luxurious textures. With the size available, our bundle ensures the perfect fit for any gift such as garments. Experience convenience and impeccable presentation with our comprehensive package, providing everything you need to make your gifts unforgettable. Choose our Gift Packaging Bundle for an unparalleled gifting experience.

Bag size is  45 X 37 X 11 cm

Envelope size is  18.5  X 9 cm