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Azar Navy Shimmer Hamper Tray Set

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We're pleased to present our Azar Hamper Set of 3 in Navy Shimmer, the ideal present for special events and other important events like Kurmai and Chunni ceremonies.

These hampers are made of excellent quality MDF, which offers longevity and sturdiness, and are carefully crafted. The exterior layer is woven with a sumptuous Burgundy Shimmer finish that emanates elegance and sophistication, while the inner lining is constructed of soft sudette, providing a protective covering for your priceless gifts.

Each hamper is distinctively made in a range of sizes, making it simple for you to select the ideal present based on your requirements. These baskets are not only fantastic for giving as gifts, but they also provide a stylish and useful way to store your items.

Order now and experience the beauty and functionality of our stunning hamper set!

Sizes in cm

Small 40 x 30 x5

Medium 45 x 35 x 5cm

Large 50 x 40 x 5cm