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Brocade Bloom Red Kaleera Box

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We are introducing the Brocade Bloom Red Kaleera Box, a testament to elegance and tradition in bridal trousseau packaging. This meticulously crafted box, measuring 20x10x10.5cm, features luxurious gold brocade complemented by delicate red accents. It is perfect for storing your Kaleeras with grace and style, seamlessly blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. Whether as a stunning addition to your wedding ensemble or a cherished keepsake afterward, the Gold Brocade with Red Accents Kaleera Box promises to enhance your special day with timeless beauty. Discover sophistication and craftsmanship redefined, exclusively by Decorasian

Size 20x10x10.5cm

Product -Kaleera Box

Colour - Red and Gold