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Luxury Beige Small and Large Jute Gift Bags

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Luxury Beige Gift Bag with Embellishment and Corded Handles | Sustainable Jute Bag

Discover our exquisite collection of gift bags, including our luxurious beige jute bag featuring elegant embellishment and durable corded handles. Crafted with sustainability in mind, these bags are perfect for gifting heavy items and can be reused time and again. Available in small (30x12x20cm) and large (35x15x25cm) sizes.

Looking for the perfect gift bag? Our luxury beige gift bag with exquisite embellishment and sturdy corded handles is an ideal choice for any occasion. Made from sustainable jute material, this bag not only adds a touch of elegance to your gift but also promotes eco-friendly gifting practices. Whether you're gifting heavy items or delicate treasures, our bag offers both style and durability. Choose from our small (30x12x20cm) or large (35x15x25cm) sizes to suit your needs and make a lasting impression."


Small 30 x 12 20cm

Large 35 x 15 x 25cm