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Raspberry Red Mughal Leaf Large Gift Bag

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Introducing the Raspberry Mughal Leaf Large Gift Bag, a robust and visually striking packaging solution for your special gifts. This sturdy bag is adorned with a captivating screen-printed pattern that covers its entire surface, showcasing the exquisite Mughal leaf design. The vibrant raspberry color adds a touch of elegance and charm, making it the perfect choice for wedding gifting, including chunni and kurmai gifting, as well as bridal trousseau packaging.

With its durable construction, this gift bag ensures that your precious presents are securely held. The twine handles provide a comfortable and reliable grip, allowing for effortless transportation. The handles are carefully reinforced, guaranteeing strength and durability, even when carrying heavier items. You can trust that this bag will safely hold your valuable gifts, providing peace of mind during special occasions.

Designed to accommodate multiple garments, the Raspberry Mughal Leaf Large Gift Bag offers ample space for organizing and presenting a variety of wedding gifts. Whether it's traditional outfits, accessories, or bridal essentials, this bag has the capacity to hold them all, making it a practical choice for wedding-related gifting and trousseau packaging.

To add a personal touch, each bag comes with a complementary gift tag. Customise the tag with a heartfelt message or the recipient's name, making your gift even more special and memorable.

Elevate your wedding gifting experience with the Raspberry Mughal Leaf Large Gift Bag. Its sturdy construction, captivating screen-printed pattern, and spacious interior make it an ideal choice for presenting your gifts with style and grace. Trust in the strength and reliability of this bag as you create cherished moments during wedding celebrations and bridal preparations.


This item has a size of 45 X 37  X 11 cm