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The Luxury Gifting Guide For Punjabi Weddings

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Comprising a comprehensive checklist of gift essentials for wedding celebrations, including items for ceremonies such as Roka, Chunni, Kurmai, and Nanke Shak, designed for both the Bride and Groom for both pre and post Wedding Day events

Gift Guide Includes

Punjabi wedding ceremonies
gift check list with GIft Styling images
Glossary Page meanings of specific term

This Guide Will

  • Advise of all the pre, wedding day and post wedding functions that often Punjabi Weddings need to carry out
  • Gifting requirements for each ceremony
  • Visual representation of how your gifting items can be presented and ideas

This Guide Is Perfect For

Wedding Planners

So that they know all stage of a Sikh wedding and the items needed

Bride and Groom Family

For those that no longer have the knowledge in the family as to what is required in Gifting in Sikh families for the different ceremonies

Indian weddings are fun, often large, colorful, emotional and multi day events with extended family members each having their own role to play.

Each wedding event has a significance and meaning attached to it with rituals
and gifting playing an important role.
Gifting is a large part of Indian weddings and dates back centuries with certain
traditions attached to it.
Some families have there own traditions which are more personal and
appropriate to their wedding ceremonies.
There are many different Indian cultures, but of the sake of this report this is the
gifting requirements often associated with Punjabi wedding as experienced by
the gift packaging company Decorasian.
When gifting at all of the following events, gifting is always done in odd
numbers, ie 3/5/7/9/11 parcels/ gifts


Download this guide which will tell you everything you need to know from the Pre- Wedding Events Ceremonies like the Roka, Chunni, Kurmai, Taka, Gifting from the Brides and Grooms side and so much more.

We have worked hard to put all our efforts in creating this General Guide to help you prepare for your Punjabi/Sikh Wedding.

We have also made it easier for you and have added links to the gifts we suggest you could buy along with recommendations for the products that these should be gifted in.